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Double Punctum 雙重刺點 (2013)

Niche Design + 平台計劃聯合呈現
[ Photography 攝影 | Dance 舞蹈 | Theatre 劇場 ]

Punctum arises from each PHOTO.
Punctum exists in each MOMENT OF TIME.
In each BODY, punctum appears in movements.
When creativities encounter each other, when punctum overlap, There is a possibility of double expose of illusion in every view of life.

Roland Barthes once said: “A photography’s punctum is that accident detail which pricks one’s feeling”. It triggers emotion of the viewer, stirring the sweetness and bitterness of memories”. Where photography encounters performing arts, which is the meeting of punctum to punctum, what will then arise from the clashing of the two punctums?

Double Punctum is the encounter of photography, dance and theatre.

Pam Lim and William Mok both love photography. One is a professional interior designer while one has a mechanical engineering background. Both are never professional photographer but contribute a lot of time and patience into photography. They explore the second layer of life with photography. Last year, they went together with a group of photography lovers to a magnificent trip to Xiapu, one of the most beautiful shores in Fujian Province. Along with heavy photography equipment, they look at the breathtaking scenery quietly, peasants working on the shore, bamboo sticks, fishing boats, all these form a magnificent and poetic view. In the beginning when looking down at the shore, it seems like there are nothing special. However when they looked at the photos after returning home, they realized that the distant shoreline forms different dramatic view. That trip was to find details beauty from a magnificent and gigantic scene.

Early winter last year, together with theatre director Loh Kok Man and choreographer Ming Low, they went to the legendary Jiuzhaigou Valley. They purposely chose not to depart during the colorful summer, but snowing winter. This time, they didn’t look from distant, but getting near to the sceneries. Trembling flowers, sound of wind passing by the lake, minute changes of snow drops on the earth, they waited patiently for a long time in exchange of great photographic works.

Upon their return to Malaysia, they decided to utilize the photos taken as elements to create a performance. The performance integrates photography and body. Photography signifies time as body is an extension of performing arts, when the two meets, magic will then be created.

This is a multidisciplinary performance integrating photography, dance, music and theatre. Theatre director Loh Kok Man turns the photographic works into theatrical magic. Together with experimental music created by local composer Ng Chor Guan, choreographer Ming Low and Wong Jyh Shyong created new languages on stage, creating a performance where the east and the west meet, a performance that is contemporary but classical, strong but tender, quiet but agitating.

Double Punctum departs from photography but travel deep into the realm of time and life. Audiences will walk out the theatre thinking about punctum and magic in their respective life.






羅蘭巴特說,每⼀一張照⽚片⾥里,都有⼀一個刺點。刺中觀者的情緒,攪動記憶⾥里的苦澀甜美。當攝 影遇見表演藝術(舞蹈+劇場),那是刺點與刺點的相遇。刺點與刺點的相遇,相互撞擊的, 會是什麼樣的新⽕火花


林偉彬和莫育榮是攝影愛好者,⼀一個是室內設計專業,⼀一個是機械⼯工程背景,兩⼈人從未以攝影 為業,卻為攝影付出許多時間與等待,以攝影探索⽣生命的第⼆二層風景。去年他們隨同⼀一群攝影 愛好者,踏上⼀一趟景觀絕美的攝影之旅。他們抵達中國福建最美的灘塗──霞浦,扛著厚重的 攝影器材,遙遠⽽而安靜凝望這⽚片絕美的海域。淺灘上勞作的農民、⽵竹竿、漁船,形成壯闊又詩 意的點、線、⾯面。那些必須從遠處俯瞰的直線弧線,⾁肉眼乍看下並⽆無特別,回來後再看照⽚片, 發現那⽚片遙遠的海岸線,有許多風格獨具、極具舞台張⼒力的構圖。那次旅途之於他們,是遠觀 遙望,從⼤大⽚片景觀中找出細微的美。 

去年初冬,兩⼈人帶同劇場導演羅國⽂文,⼀一同⾛走訪了景觀聞名世界的九寨溝,還邀請舞蹈家劉銘 同⾏行。他們不選⾊色彩斑斕的夏季,⽽而是初雪剛過,霜凝為冰的季節出發,凝望寒風撲⾯面中的⽔水 墨意象。這次他們不從遠處觀望,選擇微觀最靠近的景⾊色──⼩小花⽊木的微動、風過湖⽔水的聲⾳音、 地上霜的⼩小變化等等,以長時間的等待和耐⼼心,換⼀一張張好作品。回來以後,他們決定從攝影出發,以攝影作品為素材,延伸作品意象,把照⽚片⾥里的刺點,疊上 另⼀一個刺點,形成攝影和表演藝術的雙重曝光。第⼀一層曝光即攝影創作,第⼆二層曝光是舞者的 ⾝身體創作,當時間疊上⾝身體,當凝視疊上永恆,魔術就有了答案。 

這是⼀一個多元媒介的演出,結合了攝影、舞蹈、⾳音樂、劇場等。劇場導演羅國⽂文以犀利的劇場 敏銳度,把攝影作品的⽔水墨意象劇場化,以上半場的減法美學和下半場的加法美學,融合本⼟土 ⾳音樂⼈人黃楚原⼀一貫前衛實驗的⾳音樂,讓留英背景的舞蹈家劉銘和留台背景的編舞家黃志雄,在 舞台上舞出截然不同的新語匯──東⽅方與西⽅方、現代與古典、剛烈與溫柔、寧靜與躁動。 

【雙重刺點】從攝影出發,思考時間和⽣生命的經緯度,讓觀眾思考,各⾃自⽣生命⾥里的刺點和時光 魔眼。

2013年6月20-21日 @ 8:30pm
2013年6月22日 @ 3:00pm & 8:30pm
2013年6月23日 @ 3:00pm

地點:Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre 吉隆坡表演藝術中心

票務處 : 03-40479000
詢問電話 : 019-3336121
票價 : RM 68 , RM 38 (students/senior citizens/disabled)
網路連接 : 平台計劃 /

製作人+攝影師: PAM LIM 林偉彬 / WILLIAM MOK 莫育榮
導演+燈光設計: LOH KOK MAN 羅國文
原創音樂: NG CHOR GUAN 黃楚原
舞台設計: PAM LIM 林偉彬
中文文案: TAN YAN TEE 陳燕棣

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