Tuesday, June 19, 2018

[Dancing Forward] A Roundtable For Dance IV: Choreographic Directions in Contemporary Dance

[Dancing Forward] A Roundtable For Dance IV:
Choreographic Directions in Contemporary Dance
Speaker: Bilqis Hijjas, Faillul Adam, Wong Jyh Shyong

In this roundtable discussion, three local dance practitioners will offer their experiences and observations of recent directions and current conditions in local contemporary dance choreography, in the hopes of stimulating creative dialogue in the arts community.

Choreographer Faillul Adam will offer insights into contemporary dance at ASWARA, and his view of interdisciplinary perspectives, collaboration and using non-dancers to dance. Choreographer JS Wong** will discuss his personal experiences that reflect his training, and thoughts on the current choreographic environment and available platforms, as well as working with local and international artists. Dance producer Bilqis Hijjas will share observations on projects that focus on process rather than product. The group will also touch upon their experiences of working with dramaturgs/third eyes.

Date : 09.06.2018 (Sat)
Time : 14:00pm ~ 16:30pm
Venue : The Selangor And Kuala Lumpur Kwang Tung Association

| Hosting Language: Malaysian language
| Free Admission. Everyone is welcome.
| Registration is required : 016-3579729/03-20311203 (office hrs)

Organised by:

*Kwang Tung Dance Company*
The company has been devoted to promoting the local dance scene and nurturing dancers, aiming to create an accessible platform for amateur dancers to express themselves at a professional level. To promote original work and choreography, it often collaborates with international and local artists. In addition to working with dancers, the company has also undertaken cross-disciplinary collaborations with artists from other fields Through such creative collaborations, it hopes to broaden the horizons of the company’s dancers, improving their skills and dance vocabulary, as well as enrich the company’s in–house choreographic styles.

*Dance Body Project* (DBP)
An emerging company founded in 2012, based on individual vision that aims to bridge the body, the dance and the community. DBP is dedicated to encouraging creative and/or explorational cross-disciplinary networks, collaboration and platform for dancing bodies or organisations. Ultimately, DBP strives to promote education through performing arts. Focusing on four trajectories i.e. #1 performance-based research / research-based performance, #2 talks / discussion, #3 workshops and #4 documentation, DBP earnestly believes that ‘everyone can D.A.N.C.E.’!

*Pentas Project Theatre Production*

Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-cultural country with differences in language, religion and ethnicity. And these differences have combined and influencing each other, eventually influenced the emergence of diverse art forms and streams that are unique. The establishment of Pentas Project hopes to get its nutrients from the multi-cultural society, and looking into ourselves while gazing the world.

• Founded in 2005 by Loh Kok Man.
• PENTAS PROJECT in Chinese would be 「平台計劃」 (ping tai ji hua). The first two characters「平台」 (ping tai), indicate a flat stage.
• PENTAS PROJECT envisions a stage without walls or boundaries, a stage that can be more transparent and equal, a stage for interactions and understandings that can strengthen the relationships between different cultures and realms.

*MyDance Alliance*

MyDance Alliance is a non-profit volunteer membership organisation which seeks to support and promote dance in Malaysia. Registered in 2001 and headed by a 10-person committee selected by its members, the organisation initiates projects in dance creation and performance, education and training, research and documentation, and other types of support and development.