Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Colours in the Air

Seeing nothing
Listening to nothing
So your life is apathetic?

You're welcome to Old China Cafe at 3pm on 28th June. Joseph Foo, the Artistic Director of 3nity will recall the neglected images in your live, while Advertising Creative Director of AMP Radio Networks Hoe Kai Yew will touch your heart with words.

(星期日 Sunday)
时间Time:3:00 pm
地点Venueold china cafe
11, Jalan Balai Polis, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
联络 / 012-3669256/012-6071318
自由乐捐入场 Entry by donation. Talk is in Mandarin

Joseph Foo

1998年加入AMP Radio Networks,习惯从脑海中涌现的影画面获取创意灵感,却必须以声音打动消费者。处身以英语为主导的工作机构,唯有靠多项大马Kancil Awards、Air Awards、龙玺环球华文广告奖、时报世界华文广告奖及New York Festival来证明自己的创意。
2006年升任AMP Radio Networks创意总监,看管马来文、英文、中文及淡米尔文8大电台的广播广告创意。 不信奉什么广告教条,只认为广告应有基本道德操守,而参加奖项是为了证实创意细胞仍未死去的年度健康检验。

Artom Bomb project – Pentas Cross-disciplinary Lecture Series

Pentas Project, established three years ago, has since facilitated many collaborative creations among its residence members, successfully interweaving multidisciplinary artforms with elements of magic and surprise.

In 2009, Pentas Project started “Artom Bomb project - Pentas Cross-disciplinary Lecture Series”, and invites multidisciplinary workers in the domain of the arts to participate, interact, and share their own professional experiences and expertise. These series of talks or workshops will be held monthly.

This program is designed to promote interdisciplinary exchange, to acknowledge the importance nurturing of multi-disciplinary sharing, to achieve a platform for open and inspiring interaction, and to actively communicate in a situation of great diversity of learning methods, with new perspectives in order to pursue its own achievements. This program also lays the a foundation for future collaborations among its participants. The artists from these diverse professions are not solitary beings. They are always inspired and connected to each another.


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