Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The “Next Door”

The “Next Door”
A Malaysian and Thai Theatre Artists Collaboration Project

19 ธันวาคม 2553 เวลา 19.00น. เทพศิริ แกลเลอรี่ 100/4 หมู่ 10
ซอยวัดอุโมงค์ ต.สุเทพ อ.เมือง เชียงใหม่ 50200
Show case on 19 December 2010
at 19.00 pm

located in Thepsiri ‘s Gallery and studio 100/4 Moo 10
Soi Wat Umong Suthep Muang ,Chiang Mai 50200

สำรองที่นั่ง ตุ๊กตา 086 515 0595 Contact Tukta: 086 515 0595

Pradit Prasartthong (TUA) / Thailand
Loh Kok Man / Malaysia
Duangjai Hirunsri / Thailand
Gan Hui Yee / Malaysia
Sarayut Phetsamrit / Thailand
Tan Seok Chin / Malaysia

13~19 September 2010 @ WORKSHOP I
9~20 December 2010 @ WORKSHOP II

Malaysia and Thailand are neighbours but the middle-class people in big cities of both countries know each other so little especially the contemporary theatre arts which relates to people’s lives Makhampom has been doing theatre for people’s culture development since1980 with strong believe that theatre arts could make more understanding among people. Since 2003, Makhampom have interacted with Malaysian theatre artists through several exchange programs; for example:

-2003-2005 Mr. Loh Kok Man from the PENTAS PROJECT (ACC grantee in 2005) one of three Malaysian directors have worked with Mr.Pradit Prasartthong from Makhampom Theatre Group (ACC grantee in 2004) with other 12 theatre directors from Asian countries and America in the “Lohan’s Journey”, an Asian Theatre Collaboration Project, organized by the Setagaya public theatre Foundation, Japan.

-2005 Mr. Loh Kok Man was invited by Makhampom to give a workshop for Thai young artists and showcased in the Bangkok Theatre Festival

-2006 Makhampom’s young generations visited The Five Arts (an arts organization who work for social change in Malaysia) in Penang for one week.

-2007 Makhampom hold the “Arts for Community Skills Exchange Workshop” and invited artists from Five Arts, Arts Ed and Lost Gen, Malaysia to exchange with Makhampom in Chiangmai

-2008 Pradit did a mini research on Malaysian’s Contemporary Theatre and Theatre Artists together with Loh Kok Man in April.

In 2010, Makhampom will invite Loh Kok Man and 2 Malaysian actors to produce a theatre production with Pradit and 2 Thai actors from Makhampom in the title of “The Next Door”, a Malaysian and Thai Theatre Artists Collaboration Project with the objectives of:-

1.To develop connection between ACC grantee in the regional
2.To develop people’s relationship between Malaysia and Thailand
3.To learn more about the contemporary theatre arts of each other
4.To strengthen people’s theatre arts in South-east Asia.

Supported by :
Asian Cultural Council, New York
Makhampom Foundation, Thailand
HSBC, Kuala Lumpur