Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Repot [Mind+Mine] 2008 Malaysia Tour

[思想+自分]报告 2008马来西亚巡回
Repot [Mind+Mine]  2008 Malaysia Tour



This is a formal yet informal report. Premiered in 2006 at Kuala Lumpur
As part of the "Break-ing : Pentas Theatre Collaboration Project"
it now continues its international tour to Japan and singapore in 2008
Repot [Mind+Mine] humorously explores
the situations and irony in the Malaysian lingo

If they could go back in time, if they walk into the world of P.Ramlee,
if they tell you and me - Language is only a strange kind
of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

每场演出结束后将设演出交流会  Q & A session after the performance

Penang / +604 263 5402 / +6 012 451 9304
shebatdesliva@yahoo.co.uk / greenhall@theactorsstudio.com.my
ticket> RM20

The Actors Studio Greenhall, Penang

J. Bahru / + 6 012 960 7788 / sgteoh@sc.edu.my



导演/灯光设计 director / lighting design
罗国文 loh kok man

演员 cast
曾宏辉 chen huen phuei
颜果 gan hui yee
陈彩珍 tan chai chen
蔡德耀 lyle chua teck yeo

演出文本 performance text
罗国文 loh kok man
张敏华 teoh ming wah
陈燕棣 tan yan tee
巫绍棋 moo siew kee
颜果 gan hui yee
陈彩珍 tan chai chen
林耀华 lim yeow haw

舞台设计 set design
张忠勇 caecar chong

音乐与音效设计 music composition and sound design
黄楚原 ng chor guan

影像设计 video artist
区琇詒 au sow yee

舞台监督 stage manager
黎百龄 jason lai


Exploration on Theatre Arts Through Pleasure and Pressure


Creativity is not only a talent, but also a habit, an interest and a kind of education. From early stage of learning how to think and how to judge, we will help you recognize yourself and the group with many lively activities of theatre. Through pleasure in "play", your hidden talent will then demonstrate its broadest freedom, creativity and imagination, You will be contented and happy through the process, and enjoy your failure, frustrates the feeling to turn joyfully, becomes the resistance the propelling force, can to be more positive, meaningful and open-minded manner goes facing the pressure.

Penang > 24(sat)May 08@2pm-5pm
J.Bahru > 15(sun)June08@11am-1pm


Southern College 南方学院 
PTD 64888, 15KM, Jalan Skudai, P.O.Box 76, 81300 Skudai, Johor
The Actors Studio Greenhall 
Ground Floor Zhong Zheng School Memorial Centre 32, Lebuh Light, 10200 Penang
Pentas Project Theatre Production 平台计划 



Supported by
HSBC in the Arts
The Actors Studio
Southern College
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