Monday, March 15, 2010

城失空想 The Lost And The Ecliptic

Re-stage + Preview of International Tour

"One is gripped with endless fascination... Kok Man and his team have sketched our ugly, fractured, lovely Kuala Lumpur." - Zedeck Siew, Kakiseni

羅國文 loh kok man
director/lighting design
區琇詒 au sow yee
video artist/multimedia design
張忠勇 caecar chong
space design

黃楚原 ng chor guan
music composer
陳燕棣 tan yan tee
text collaborator
陳淑真 amelia tan
劉銘 Ming Low

shanthini venugopal


Kuala Lumpur
Thu 22 - sat 24 april 2010, 8:30pm
Sun 25 April 2010, 3:00pm
Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac)
RM38 (Adult) / RM28 (students/seniors/disabled)

Box Office call or walk in: klpac box office @ Sentul Park - 03 40479000 & The Actor Studio @ Lot 10 - 03 21422009 / 21432009
walk in only: Axcess HQ (Jalan Semangat), 1-Utama & Alamanda Putrajaya | online purchase:
Enquiries:(03)4047 9000/012-266 1579 /

Fri 7 & Sat 8 May 2010, 8:00pm
Esplanade Theatre Studio

"One morning, he awakes and finds himself transformed into an orchid mantis. He stops at an orchid and pretends to be the orchid. There He remains unseen and undiscriminated. Resting, he is safe, out of human sight."

Using the metaphor of a camouflage insect, this performance draws us into the anonymous lives and private souls of our city. Your neighbour sings her prayers to her deity. When you hear her, do you pray along? Inside a box, a man dances by himself. When he dances with a girl, are they less alone? Their gates keep them safe inside, safe within these beautiful dreams and disguises.

“某一天早上,我一如往常的躺在床上,發現自己成了蘭花螳螂,是一種習慣「擬態」的昆蟲,停在蘭花上,假裝自己是一朵蘭花,不會被看見、不會被 討厭。在每一個停下來歇息的空間中,很安全的,沒有人發現牠。“通過昆蟲偽裝的隱喻,演出以“城市”為出發點,探討了“城市”這麼一個生存空間和劇場的相似性,發掘出城市裏頭人們的追求、孤獨、挫敗、幻想、不安、疑惑等錯綜複雜的情緒。




Supported by:
HSBC, KLPac & Colorganda!

Loh Kok Man | Director + Lighting Designer
Founder and artistic director of Pentas Project, Kok Man is an established theatre director, actor and lighting designer. He graduated from Malaysia Institute of the Arts in 1993. Since his performance "aku" in 1997, he had collaborated abroad in arts projects in Japan, Korea and India, as well as various interactive theatre festivals in the Phippines and Europe. In 2005, Kok Man establised Pentas Project, and was awarded a fellowship from "Asian Cultural Council" to New York City. He is currently lecturing in the Drama and Visuals Department of New Era College as well as an instructor for Hands Percussions.

His awards includes: "Best Director" & "Best Chinese Script" (2nd Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards), "Best Lighting Design/Dance" (5th
Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards), "Best Lighting Design/Theatre" (6th Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards), "Best Director"`"Best Lighting/Theatre"`"Best Set Design/Musical" (7th Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards).

Caecar Chong | Space Design
Trained as an architect in Australia, the late Caecar Chong Chung Yong applied his skills and knowledge not on brickwork and steel structures, but experimentally through different art media and formats. Having established Space Spirit Studio, Caecar championed the use of multiple artistic disciplines as diverse as design, performance and visual art express the spirit of space. This grants a new lease of life to the classic ideological maxim that architecture is more than just about building buildings. Caecar was also a member of Pentas Project, a performer with butoh dance company Nyoba Kan and founder of Little Eyes Play House.

Ng Chor Guan | Music Composer
Guan studied music composition with Dr. Francois Evans and Dr. Peter Fribbins at the University of Middlesex in London. His work titled "String Quartet No.1" was performed by Trelawn String Quartet. He was also awarded Yamaha Asian Scholarship for Full-time Music Student. Since 2006 he actively composes original music for film, dance, theatre and multimedia projects, including: Antigone, Okiku, The Curse of the Forbidden Palace and Locked Report. He currently lectures in University of Malaysia, Yamaha Academy of Arts and Music and New Era College.

Au Sow Yee | Video Artist
A Masters in Fine Art graduate from San Fransico Institute of Art, Au Sow Yee is the Programming Director of Pentas Prject, a member od SICKL and also a lecturer in the Drama and Visuals Department of New Era College. Her work explores light and projected images as organic elements in space and time. Recently she has been actively involved in making videos or video installations for theatre including Water Closet, Tunku:The Musical, The Curse of the Forbidden Palace, Locked Repot and many others. She was awarded the Krishen Jit Astro Fund for a film performance/installation in 2007. She has been an artist in residence of Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan(2007), and also the Visiting Artist in Residence at Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), Canada(2008/2009).

Ming Low | Choreographer + Dancer
Trained at the Central School of Ballet, London, under a scholarship, Ming Low then danced professionally with B.W. Tanz Kompanie in Germany and Dance Theatre of Ireland in Dublin. Moving back to London, he worked with MZT Dance Company, Ricochet Dance Company and The Featherstonehaughs & Cholmondeleys. During that time he also worked with Compagnie Anonyme in France. Ming c0-founded Bi Ma Dance Company in 1991, which toured extensively throughout Europe, Taiwan, Malysia, Japan, USA, Egypt and Eastern Europe. He performed with Bi Ma in pieces like "Beyond The Legend", "Four Gestures", "Sand", "Le dit de cheveus", "The Secret", "Chinese Takeaway" and "From Soho to Shinjuku". Relocated back to Malaysia in 2009. Ming has been involved in local dance productions "The Slave Princess" and "Siddharta-The Musical". He currently teaches freelance contemporary dance and Ashtanga Yoga.

Tan Yan Tee | Text
A member of Pentas Project, Tan Yan Tee graduated in 2004 from the National Taipei University of the Arts, where she was also the research assistant for the film graduate school. She has lectured in the Drama and Visual Department of New Era College and was editor for the magazines "XFUNS". Besides writing poetry, prose and the occasional novels, she is currently an arts journalist for Sin Chew Daily. Yan Tee is the winner of the 9th "Hua Zhong" Literature Award in peotry, one of the most prestigious Chinese literary awards in Malaysia.

Amelia Tan | Actor
Amelia graduated from the Theatre Training & Research Programme (Singapore) in 2006 as well as Malaysia Institute of Arts. She is actively involved in the development of the theatre education. She was recently seen on stage in XXX Rhapsodies, The Secret Souk, Fall in City, Lost Angel and many others. She currently lectures in the Drama and Visuals Department of New Era College and is the Administrative Director of TEA Theatre.

Shanthini Venugopal | Actor
Shanthini is the Director of The Jumping Jelly Beans Sdn Bhd. She is actively involved in the development of theatre education and children's theatre. She has acted in local drama series and films besides performing in local pubs. A regular actor with The Instant Cafe Theatre Company, she has been seen on stage in productions such as "Bolehwood", "Musical Chairs", "Vagina Monologue", "Millennium Jump" and may others.